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Starting Young in Hollywood

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Hollywood can be a crazy environment for most, especially for the young Hollywood actors. Being in the industry starting in a young age can be quite difficult at first, but eventually can result into a problem if the fame is not controlled. Few of the most troubled stars that started young are Lindsay Lohan and Macaulay Culkin. In an early age, these personalities were exposed in a different environment in their most sensitive years. At a young age, they were deprived living a normal life. This is why exposure to fame causes a lot of problems for actors who started very young in Hollywood. However, while there were under the supervision of their parents, it could have been a wise decision if the guardians or the adults took charge of the situation in their vulnerable years because parents or guardians are the best people who will be the source good example.

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Country Music For a Cause

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Country music is certainly one of the most popular music genres in America. Recently, the world is taking more notice thanks in large to the reality singing shows that have produced country music talents as singers. And now that the world is becoming more and more aware, new and established country music artists are using their fame for a good cause.


One recent and prime example is Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, country music’s current golden couple. They are super famous right now, winning awards left right and center, with top-selling albums and singles to show off. Oklahoma native Blake Shelton put together a benefit concert for those affected by the Oklahoma tornado. Raining money to help the small town which was literally leveled by the tornado is one big helping hand and only one recent example of how country is helping out the country. More efforts like this will surely get people back on their feet faster and will be a certain source of hope for a better world.

The Man of the Moment

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So, let us move away from talking about young actors and all their efforts for a moment and take a look at the man on the moment. Due to the hugely anticipated and then hugely attended opening of the third installment of Marvel comics, Iron Man, Robert Downey, Jr. has again achieved front and center attention. Acting since the age of 5, Robert Downey, Jr. has been in many generation-defining movies. He’s even received an Academy Award nomination for his work on Chaplin in the nineties.

Lately, he has surfaced as a serious and sober actor, taking his work seriously and putting his past drug abuse behind him. Fans are all rooting for him to keep the sobriety up because, as it has long been known and accepted, he is a great actor.

If the Iron Man series numbers or The Avenger’s numbers are anything to go by, we can safely say that Robert Downey, Jr. is here to stay and make a difference!

Want to Live Next to a Celebrity?

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Do you want to be with or live next to your celebrity crush? Well, you might want to think again. There are several rumors about celebrities who would rather change their shoes in yours because it can be unbearable to live next with a celebrity.

James Franco, a well known and well liked actor all over the globe (a popular name even in a Thai school or Thai classes), is in the spotlight now because of some complaints by the neighborhood  It is quite surprising that people will do such complaints, despite the high-status of James Franco. There are several neighbors who already complained about the production that is currently happening in his house. Traffic jam and parking space are just few of the complaints that Franco is getting out of this production happening in his crib. Another thing that irked the neighbors was the eye sore trash that piled up and caused the neighborhood to make their move.

There are other celebrity cases that caused a lot of trouble such as Madonna and her loud music, Chris Brown’s disrespectful attitude and loud music, Lindsay Lohan’s Paparazzi swarm, Justin Bieber’s house party, music and paparazzi, the controversial Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley, and Alex Rodriguez’ home turned to business controversy.

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Spotlight: Rob Pattinson

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Ok, so most people know Rob Pattinson for pretty superficial reasons. Most the world over know he played the heartthrob vampire Edward from the maga-hit Twilight movie franchise. He was Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movie. He is also known for his cute face, hair with a life of its own, and somewhat shy personality.


What a lot do not know is that Rob Pattinson is not only a pretty guy but also a pretty generous guy. Rob likes to give back in the form of hosting charity events and even donating money to foundations with good causes. In 2011, Rob’s hosting of an E! meet-and-greet for ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2′ helped raise $80,000 which went to a girls program in Cambodia. He has also donated to both ‘The Starlight Foundation’, a non-profit organization that serves to brighten the lives of seriously ill children in Australia, and the ‘Midnight Mission’ which tasks itself with helping the homeless.

Young Hollywood Actors That You Should Watch Out For

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Here are the top 3 most famous Hollywood actors of today’s generation. They haven’t hit the Hollywood world big time like Leonardo Di Carpio. But they will be in the next few years. All of them have incredibly shared great movies in the filming industry, and they are all considered as the best young actors of the moment.

Alexander Ludwig
One of the most successful actors today is Alexander Ludwig. In fact, this young gorgeous men not only works as an actor but also a great singer and model too. Last March 1, 2012, Ludwig released his new single “Liv It Up (Teenage Wasteland)” and he also won an award for Best Fight on 2012 MTV Movie Awards with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson as well as an award for Best Villain on 2012 Teen Choice Awards. Among the famous movies where this Canadian actor appeared includes The Seeker: The Dark Rising, Disney’s Race to Witch Mountain and the latest one The Hunger Games.

Skander Keynes
A young British actor born on September 5 1991. Keynes gained his popularity when he appeared in movies The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian and most recently The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which was released on 10 December 2010. At his very young age, Keynes has seen his love for the entertainment business and acting.

Mario Maurer
Is one of the most famous Thai heartthrob that already achieved local and international awards in such a young age. Mario is a Thai-German model and actor. He started off a career as a model at age 16, he later became best known for his lead role in the 2007 film, The Love of Siam (where he play as a gay) and the 2010 sleeper hit, First Love (A Little Thing Called Love). He also did some supporting roles in Hollywood as well as different countries in Asia. Right now, he is one of the young actors that I am totally in love with. I’ve even learn Thai to to understand him well in the movies. If given a chance, I believe that he will be one of the most successful Asian actor to hit Hollywood.

The Charitable Face of Facebook’s Creator

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Everyone on the planet knows who Mark Zuckerberg is because of one thing: Facebook. The movie based on his life and the creation of Facebook, ‘The Social Media’ was nominated for several Academy Awards a few years back. His social media service launched in 2004 originally to only Harvard and then other Ivy-league Boston colleges as its network is now an insanely popular social media site reaching all corners of the world and making Zuckerberg one of the richest twenty-somethings in history.

While some can present the case that Facebook can and has been used as a platform towards social change, what is admirable about Zuckerberg is that fact that this young man donated a sizable chunk of his fortune ($500m in 2010) to various charities supporting education and health. Committed to reviving and improving the Public School sector, Zuckerberg has been quoted as telling Oprah and others:

“People wait until late in their career to give back. But why wait when there is so much to be done? With a generation of younger folks who have thrived on the success of their companies, there is a big opportunity for many of us to give back earlier in our lifetime and see the impact of our philanthropic efforts” credit

Although not an actor and so technically not “Hollywood“, a lot of young and able stars would serve their communities more and better by following his philanthropic example.

Join Ed Norton’s Club

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As with Ian Somerhalder, Edward Norton is another Hollywood actor who cares deeply about the environment. The thirty-eight year old, award nominated, stage and film actor is heavily involved with environmental protection. he supports UNICEF and Greenpeace and even serves as trustee for his grandfathers ‘Enterprise Foundation’, a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing for low-income individuals. He runs the ‘Solar Neighbors Program’, a program that provides Solar energy systems to a home from the Enterprise Foundation every time a celebrity purchases one as well. Through this group, he has provided solar energy to 25 low-income homes. The son of an ardent environmentalist, Norton credits his father for planting the seeds of environmental awareness and the desire to care for the planet actively. He has run marathons in support of environmental causes and does not hesitate to lend his star power for a good cause.
Hollywood is revealing a wonderful cache of talented, good-looking, and extremely dedicated environmentatlists!

The Environmentalist

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Today’s thirty-something Hollywood male stars are making a point to make themselves known in more ways than their acting or modeling. If you take a look at the bankable younger male stars you will notice that many have a cause near and dear to their hearts.

Take Ian Somerhalder for example. Best known for his TV roles as Boone in Lost and As Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder is a known activist for the environment and for animals. His ‘Ian Somerhalder Foundation’ continues to raise awareness of green practices and animal care though programs in different parts of America. Using the social media extensively, Somerhalder is unceasing in pushing for better, more sustainable sources of energy, cleaner and greener neighborhoods, animal shelters, and helping children through pet and environment care.

If all young Hollywood actors were like him, our communities and our planet is surely headed in the healing direction.

Inspiration in Hollywood

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Movies today have never been more visually entertaining and stimulating.  Not only is computer technology better than ever, there is also a list of great, young, and very talented actors and actresses that add so much to the viewing experience.  In the years past, getting to know an actor or actress involved following them in movies and TV shows and reading about them in broadsheets, tabloids, or fan magazines.  Now you can easily access information online. Anything you want to know about an actor you can get with a click.  If there is something in particular you want to archive or even watch, for sure there is somewhere on the net where you can get this. This can greatly help make a movie a hit. There is no doubt that a great deal of the success of any movie now is the bankability of its starts and the internet makes fan love more possible.